SandMan Farm


"I've Been Up, And Been Down, And Been Up Again. Have I Learned Aught? I've Learned From My Mistakes, But I've Had More Time To Commit More Mistakes."
SANDMAN FARM is the first STEALTH PRESALE, dreaming hybrid yield farming on Polygon. We have dreamed APYs!
SandMan Farm Vaults automatically compound farms for you and you can dream peacefully
Our vaults are smart and beautiful dreamed farms, where you don’t need to go through the nightmare of harvesting rewards, selling half, adding liquidity, and re-staking those LP tokens.
On SandMan Farm you don’t have to manually harvest to compound your rewards, and you can dream like a charm.

Vault Fees

Our vaults currently have no deposit fees
A small 0.1% withdrawal fee is applied on non-SANDMAN vaults.
  • 0.66% of the earnings from vaults are used to cover the auto-compounding, swapping, burning & gas fees.
  • 6.00% of the earnings from vaults are used to buy $USDC and Deposit it on Special Sandman Vault.
The APY for vaults includes liquidity provider fees for LPs. See Vault APYs for full details of how APYs are calculated.

Vault APYs

How do we calculate Vault APYs?
Normally, the yield rate is reflected as Annual Percentage Rate (APR), as the native token reward does not auto-compound. With an auto-compounder, the return in a year can be significantly higher and we refer to Annual Percentage Yield (APY) instead of APR, to reflect the compounding nature of the investment.

The APY displayed is a combination of Trading fees and Pool rewards.

Trading fees are given to liquidity providers in proportion to their percentage stake in the LP. Trading fee rates vary but are generally a percentage of all trades on the pair. Trading fees are added to the pool and automatically accrue in real-time. You can claim the trading fees by withdrawing your liquidity in the pool. For ease, we factor your accrued trading fees into the APY calculations.
Pool rewards are auto-compounded every five minutes. They are sold to purchase more LP tokens on your behalf, and automatically compounded into your stake. As such, pool rewards increase the amount of LP tokens you own over time.
The APY calculation includes liquidity provider trading fees and compounding pool rewards. This is why you may see higher yield rates on SandMan Farm as compared with the base vaults.

We'll Be Compounding

We want to create the dreamed auto-compounding for you!
Thanks to our extremely low transaction fees, we're able to compound vaults automatically once every 5 minutes!
Some vaults even have their own reward tokens, depending on the strategy. We take these rewards and sell them to increase your position! Our auto-compounding strategies ensure your position is always automatically increasing.
Can't sleep well having to compound manually? Let our auto-compounding vaults do the work for you and Dream Nicely!
One of our goals is to enable the auto-compounding of farms that don't support it. We're adding value to other yield aggregators by making them even more performant! Our vault code is forked from Autofarm for this reason.
The APY calculation includes liquidity provider trading fees and compounding pool rewards. This is why you may see higher yield rates on Sandman as compared with the base vaults.